ViSalus NEURO™ The Smart Energy Drink Mix

ViSalus NEURO™ The Smart Energy Drink Mix


Refresh your mind, and your body with a portable energy drink mix that’s good for you!

Boost your energy, your body and your brain with healthy energy! ViSalus NEURO fights tiredness and helps mental focus with a unique, patent-pending blend of energy ingredients like Rhodiola, DMAE, and healthy Vitamin B, for lasting energy. Mixes in water for energy on the go. 15 packets per box.

Why We’re Different Than Other Energy Drinks:

Many energy drinks use high levels of caffeine and sugar that can often leave you feeling jittery. ViSalus NEURO uses a patent-pending blend of ingredients to provide healthy “smart energy,” giving you the extra edge to help you throughout the entire day.

Plus, it has no added sugar and only 5 calories!



ViSalus NEURO offers 3 key benefits: Mental alertness/acuity, Physical energy, and great portability and convenience. We have less caffeine, no sugar spikes, great taste and it’s easy to use… is there more? Throw one in your gym bag or purse instead of carrying around a can or two of the other brands. It is also low sodium and tastes great.

*Only available in US Market