ViSalus Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix

ViSalus Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix


“Fast food” Made Healthy

Whether you want to lose weight, get fit, or just balance your nutrition, it all starts with the foundation of ViSalus Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix. With a proprietary blend of protein, fiber, and nutrients you can get healthy nutrition, while cutting calorie. This unique shake provides an satisfying meal without high levels of sodium, and has no trans fat. An amazing Sweet Cream flavor, its “The Shake Mix that Tastes Like a Cake Mix™, and they’re portable too! Our version of the perfect “fast food.” 30 serving pouch.

Cutting calories while getting proper nutrition can be hard, expensive, and time consuming. ViSalus Vi-Shape offers you a fast ‘ideal meal’ that can save you money while providing amazing nutrition.

To make a meal, mix 2 rounded scoops of the Vi-Shape shake mix into non-fat milk or soy milk and blend. Mix with water for a protein snack. For added flavor and nutrition, you can also blend in fresh, frozen or canned fruits. Try our ViSalus Shape-Up™ Health Flavor mix-ins for flavor and added nutrition.



How does the ViSalus Shake help me lose or maintain weight?

The ViSalus Shake can help you lose, or maintain weight depending on how you use it. To lose weight, we recommend using it in place of 2 meals per day, along with sensible snacks (like the ViSalus Nutra-Cookie™), and meal. You can use it for any 2 meals. To maintain weight, we recommend that you have 1 shake per day, and ideally for breakfast.

Why is this?

Well, if we compare the shake blended with non-fat milk (or soy milk or rice milk) and fruit, the shake will provide 20-25 grams of protein, a full serving of fiber, calcium, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and more, all for around 240 calories. If we compare that to an ‘average’ breakfast of a bagel with cream cheese, small orange juice and coffee with non-fat milk, you can see we provide more nutrition for less calories. The ‘average’ breakfast can add up to around 720 calories, and a whopping 880mg of sodium. So by having a shake, you’ll fuel your body, help keep your blood sugar level, and save calories to help you keep the weight off. We also recommend it for those people that don’t eat breakfast (almost 40% of adults don’t eat breakfast). By not eating breakfast, the metabolism can slow and you may end up eating more calories per day while slowing the body’s fat burning system. Your body is like a car, it cannot run without fuel and it cannot be ‘trained’ to do without. So the shake once a day helps keep the metabolism going, keeps you energized, and helps cut calories. Twice a day and you’ll see greater results.

And we also recommend ViSalus Vi-Slim® to help burn calories without jittery feelings or stimulants, and ViSalus Vi-Trim® added to the shake to help keep hunger at bay. These two products add powerful added support and can be bought separately, or as part of the Body by Vi™ Transformation kit.